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About Four Angels Foundation

Roberta Duah, Founder

As an advocate, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Roberta has dedicated the last 20 years to providing resources that benefit the underserved within the community, focusing on the Behavioral Health population in Maricopa County.

She is the founder of United Youth and Family Services, a mental health agency serving children, adolescence and their families.
Roberta recognized a combination of overwhelming challenges faced by families as a whole. With this in mind, Ascend Behavioral Health was born, offering a centric treatment model providing a wide range of Behavioral Health and addiction recovery support services for adults.
Since her childhood, it has been a heartfelt desire to help and heal those struggling to thrive while living with challenges and socio-economic disparities.
Her lifelong passion continues as she expands her reach into the community through philanthropy by creating the Four Angels Foundation, further supporting addiction sobriety.
Roberta’s inspiration is a result of her humble beginnings. She was born and raised in Ghana. Her first hand experience of struggle and sacrifice has fueled her desire to support and provide resources to those in need, offering a path to stability, wellness and opportunity.
She is the mother of four incredible children who are represented by the foundation’s name… Four Angels.
Roberta’s philosophy:
“Give me a sunrise, sunset, a view, fresh air, great company,
and I am Happy!”

Our Mission

We are centered around our four pillars of excellence in service to our clients and their families: Housing and Essential Needs, Education and Jobs, Health and Wellness, and Community Outreach.

These pillars of service are to ensure that our clients are restored to the healthiest, independent, most productive life possible.


Four Angels Foundation wishes to acknowledge the hard work of those who have successfully completed rehabilitation. Passionate about helping others gain quality of life, Four Angels is dedicated to providing opportunities within our community for the future ahead